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Monday, August 20, 2012

Kansas City

Saturday was a long, long day. Since we decided on Friday night to drive until we could no longer see straight, we spent the whole day in the car.

One highlight we should mention was our lunch break in Kansas City. Anytime we go to a large city, we like to check the FoodNetwork website to find restaurants that have been featured on shows such as Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives or The Best Thing I Ever Ate. We found a place called Smokin’ Guns BBQ in North Kansas City that was supposed to have great ribs and burnt-end brisket. We got there right as they opened and ended up being the 2nd customers of the day. It’s a good thing too, because as soon as our food came to the table, the line was out the door.

This place is pretty small, but the food here was amazing! The wall was lined with awards they had won for BBQ cook-offs and competitions. As we were waiting at our table, we noticed one of the workers open a closet behind the register that was filled with even more ribbons and trophies that were not being displayed. This place is so good, they have to have an “old awards” closet to make room for the new ones!

The beef and ribs were excellent and came with sides, of which we chose the baked BBQ beans, and the potato casserole. This is like a loaded baked potato out of the skins and thrown in a cup!

The meals were incredible and we could see why they had won so many awards over the competition. If you’re ever in Kansas City, check this place out because you will not be sorry you dropped in, and don’t let the sketchy neighborhood deter you!

We finally reached the ranch where we picked up the cat and dog. When we arrived, we found a peach pie that Nadene’s mom had made special for us when we came in. This was a great surprise and a perfect way to bring our food trip to a close (almost). Palisade peaches are what pies were made for! It was delicious, and the whole thing was made from scratch (yes, even the crust!).

Sunday will be the drive home, but there is more food to encounter along the way. Make sure to check out our map above and track where we’ve been to see all the great stops we’ve made on our Canadian voyage. Until next time…


Caleb & Nadene

The Epicurators

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